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2-EZ HS/ 2-EZ SB

Combi Packaging Systems is raising the bar for case erecting innovation with our high-speed, side belt drive case erectors. Engineered with the industry’s strongest frame (lifetime warranty) for the most demanding 3-shift environments, the 2-EZ®SB and 2-EZ HS can readily integrate into your existing line at speeds up to 35 cpm. The 2-EZ side belt drive units are designed for years of dependable service and can form and seal the widest variety of cases, from single wall to triple wall corrugated. With features that contribute to lowering your cost of ownership, Combi high-speed case erectors have never been easier to maintain and operate.

Design Enhancements:

  • Adjustable carriage stop design provides faster speeds and case size range
  • No overhead cross members in doorways provides easy access for maintenance
  • Hinged case hold-down plate allows for easy tape head removal
  • Only 5 adjustment points with digital indicators – the tape head and side belts adjust together
  • Positive four flap closing – rotary actuators and a fixed guide close the major flaps, which provides for smooth, gradual closing of the major flaps.
  • Overall footprint reduced 8” freeing up valuable floor space
  • Incorporated Piab vacuum generator at the cup results in half the amount of energy consumed
  • Electrical enclosure now with 35% more panel space, allowing for future integration of conveyor and other optional equipment


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