E-Commerce: Optimized Packaging

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While every e-commerce business wants to keep their packaging prices low, it’s also important to make sure you have optimized packaging within the price point. If the product that is being mailed is of a specific caliber, you want your packaging to continue to present that impression. Not only do customers purchasing from an online store expect to have a brand experience in the unboxing process, they also want this experience to reinforce the message of quality and luxury delivered if they were to buy in the store. Cheapened packaging can devalue the product that was purchased, potentially increasing product returns. Getting the biggest bang for your buck is the key. Using innovative packaging techniques to optimize your efficiency while maintaining the experience will allow your e-commerce business to impress the customer without hurting the bottom line.

Things that matter:


Not only can the appearance reinforce and increase the unboxing experience of your brand to the customer, but it can also serve as valuable advertising exposure- packaging that is share-worthy on social media can serve as an invaluable marketing opportunity.


In packaging size always matters. In the case of shipping for e-commerce this is a huge deal for both environmental and economical reasons. Optimized packaging in this sense is a matter of simply not going overboard with the size of the package. Consumers do not want to see a small item in a large box full of void fill. It’s wasteful, difficult for the consumer to personally dispose of, and on the shipping side it can even increase your costs by impacting your DIM weight.


The experience is what makes the customer feel fulfilled and happy about their purchase. Using different packaging elements create an air of mystique and make your customer work for it- there is excitement in the unboxing process! Creating a sense of anticipation with your packaging makes it an experience and will make your customer more likely to return.


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