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Company Details:

High-volume online retailer of printed products.

The Challenge:

Customer had limited storage space in their warehouse and was in need of more space. They also desired immediate shipment of their packaging products.

An Agile Solution:

Customized stocking program: Due to volume and pricing, the company purchased their products in truckload quantities. To free up warehouse spac­e, we implemented a stocking program which created more room in their warehouse by stocking the items at Piedmont. This also allowed the product to be available for immediate shipment. Since buying in volume and utilizing Piedmont’s stocking program, our customer has seen cost savings as well as an increased speed in deliveries.


Achieving the goal and uncovering added value: Along with saving space with a stocking program, our packaging specialists were also able to learn more about the business and identify more opportunities to increase operating efficiencies and lower material costs.

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