Your Guide to E-Commerce Fulfillment

A successful e-commerce company has many moving parts. These parts include packaging, weighing, labeling, sorting, and shipping. In order to achieve success, each part must be meticulously executed.

As e-commerce businesses continue to develop, so do the needs of speed and efficiency in the fulfillment process. There are plenty of elements to consider in this process, and you need to know all your options. Is it more cost-effective to package with bags or corrugated boxes? Should you implement an automated solution to increase the speed of which you can fulfill orders? A bagger or a case sealer could increase your production and efficiency greatly, but what is the ROI on a purchase like that? Other factors weigh into this decision making process as well, such as minimizing product damage, DIM Weight rate constraints, and package labeling options.

There are many facets to packaging success in the e-commerce business. Piedmont National can provide consultative guidance to all your needs. We will help you assess every element of your current operations and take into account your goals by offering our expert opinion on the most secure and cost-effective solutions for your company’s specific needs.