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Where Packaging Automation Meets Affordable- Copackaging and Third Party Logistics

It’s no secret many companies outsource products for secondary copacking operations. These companies realize that they see benefits in concentrating on the manufacturing of widgets by outsourcing the kitting, copacking, and distribution to the Third Party Logistics Companies (3PL’s) and contract packaging companies. In the last few years those 3PL’s can no longer simply calculate their current cost of materials, storage, transportation and labor and because of this they will increase the price by a small percent to account for profit and then quote a price.

These 3PL’s now must automate like never before to minimize labor and increase efficiencies in order to generate their trading margin. To make things more difficult, they are faced with seeking “just enough” automation, meaning as a contract packager they can’t always automate to the level of a manufacturer. Instead, they have to remain more flexible than their competition, a manufacturer that runs the same widget day in and day out. The current copacking providers that are responding in this way to the market are flourishing.

What additions can your copackaging operation make to increase efficiency?

  • Lantech Q300XT (saves time because the forklift driver doesn’t have to exit the fork truck)
  • Label applying machines (is able to print and apply many different size labels)
  • Case erecting equipment (works with many different size cases and is not tied to a single customer)
  • Conveyors on casters (allows equipment to be movable to different lines)
  • Tape machines (creates a more efficient process and saves money in material waste)

Benefits of automation in a copackaging environment:

  • Save time and money on labor
  • Reduce material waste
  • Better material yield
  • Increased throughput

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By John Fisher