Void Fill Sustainable Packaging

Struggling with sustainable packaging?

Have you been struggling to lower your environmental impact?


Without the right void fill materials, products can get damaged during shipment and create waste from product returns.

To re-ship one parcel, it takes approximately 1.7 gallons of fuel, 1.8 kWh of electricity, 40.4 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions, and 13 ft² of habitat loss.


Investing in the right void fill and cushioning materials can help you reduce waste from energy and materials, while satisfying your eco-friendly customers.

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Void Fill


How Protected Are Your Packages?


Including protective materials like bubble wrap, and air cushions can keep your products held in place during shipment and reduce product returns.


We offer void fill materials that are designed to be biodegradable, recyclable, or are made from recycled contents.


  • Astro-Bubble Green contains up to 40% recycled content to provide high-quality, durable protective air cushioning for surface cover, packing fragile items, and void-fill.
  • Biodegradable Cell-O Air Cushions are made from 100% recycled material and can biodegrade in 9-60 months.
  • Recycled Bubble Wrap contains a minimum of 50% pre-consumer recycled material.


Click here to browse our full line of void fill, cushioning, and protective packaging materials.

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Customer Experience


Are you receiving excess product returns?


73% of consumers are unlikely to purchase from the company again after receiving a damaged item.


Investing in the right void fill materials will help you improve your sustainability and reduce returns.


If you’d like a helping hand developing a customer-centric protective packaging process, then we can help.


Click here to learn more about our consultative services.

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