texwrap machine

Texwrap Auto-Mailer 2410

The e-commerce industry is evolving faster than ever. E-commerce business owners who are packaging and shipping high volumes of products must take into account customer experience, damage reduction, packaging performance & operational throughput. Optimizing these elements is key to success. The Texwrap Auto-Mailer 2410 is the perfect solution for the e-commerce industry. It creates ready-to-ship custom-sized mail packages for high-demand e-commerce businesses. It is a high-speed solution for high-volume packaging, working significantly faster than manual operations. This “smart” auto-mailer completely manages end-of-line mailer fulfillment at a rate of 20 packs per minute.

The Auto-Mailer 2410 makes it easy to ship and mail your product; it manages order ID’s through a packaging system via communication with the business’ ERP/WMS system and can integrate with multi-carrier shipping software. The system also gathers and reports data on capabilities, exceptions, and more. Your company will increase throughput, decrease DIM weight freight costs, and create rite-size mailers that save up to 50% on material costs.

At Piedmont National, we offer innovative end-of-line packaging solutions that help your business succeed. The Texwrap Auto-Mailer 2410 will make your product packaging and shipment process faster, more efficient, and more cost effective.