technical service

Technical Service Expertise

Most packaging distributors have eliminated their service departments due to costs and/or lack of skilled qualified techs. As a result, these packaging distributors rely on manufactures to provide or suggest techs. The issue with having the manufacturer provide a tech is they are expensive, require pay in advance (whether they can repair the issue or not) and must be scheduled weeks ahead. If a competing packaging distributor has service techs, usually they have a limited number specializing on a specific customer’s equipment, leaving you with unusable automation.

Trained Experts

Our techs are constantly receiving training either on the job, at our Equipment Testing & Innovative Center or participating in supplier offered training classes. This keeps them updated on the issues seen ‘in the field’ while getting familiar with equipment changes. We can provide immediate assistance and ongoing maintenance as need.

Exclusive Technology

Piedmont also offers you access to our exclusive 4site technology, providing you with machine usage data to alert you to potential problems. This data warns you in advance to keep your machine up and running with minimal downtime.


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