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green packaging

Going Green: Facility Supplies

When aiming to create a more sustainable business, simply using eco-friendly packaging is only part of the equation. To really commit to going green...

green e-commerce

Going Green: Automation

In the trend of going green, companies also have to asses the use of their equipment: how is the equipment that is being currently...

optimized packaging

E-Commerce: Optimized Packaging

While every e-commerce business wants to keep their packaging prices low, it’s also important to consider price point validation. If the product that is...

Stretch wrapping

Stretch Your Stretch Wrapping Dollar

From Lantech: You’re driving home after work and your gas light is on…again. You notice a gas station selling gas for $3.50/gallon and another selling...

Wasteful Packaging Processes

A wasteful packaging process can result in overspending on your packaging process, frustration for the customer, and additional time and labor. It can also...

case sealer

E-Commerce: Protective Packaging

When considering customer experience in an e-commerce shipment and delivery, it is vital to determine the effect of a package arriving damaged, or not arriving at...


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