Shrink Wrap- Food

It’s very important to make sure that you’re wrapping your food items in a sanitary food-safe manor. Properly wrapping your food items is very important in maintaining the health and safety of your customers. It can also increase the shelf life of your food and improve the overall quality. Below are a few tips to making sure that your

Airtight sealing

It is important that your food maintain the airtight seal that you form an air tight bubble around your product, this insures that the spoilage due to packaging is minimal.

Keep your food fresh for longer

The shelf life of your food can cost you valuable time and money if you’re not careful with your packaging process. Proper shrink wrapping can ensure that your bread doesn’t get stale and your fresh produce doesn’t aware extra moisture over the course of its shelf life.

Evaluate your usage of Shrink sealing vs Vacuum sealing

Vacuum packaging uses pressure to take all of the air out of a package while still conforming to the shape of the product that you are sealing. Shrink packaging uses heat to conform to the product being shrink wrapped, but does not get rid of the oxygen content, this creates a tight seal but does not prevent air flow to your product.