Struggling to reduce waste and decrease shipping costs? We can help

Are you using inadequate packaging for the products you’re shipping?


Packaging waste makes up around 30% of total U.S. waste annually.


Do you know the source of your waste?


Packaging waste can come from damaged products, pallet damage, damaged cartons, and using excess materials in your warehouse.


Using the right packaging materials can help you reduce waste, reduce damage, avoid product returns, and decrease shipping costs.


We can help you reduce waste in materials and energy, to satisfy your customers and reduce your shipping costs.

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Void Fill

Are you struggling to reduce product damage?

More than half of U.S. consumers are highly concerned with the environmental impact of packaging.


How sustainable is your packaging process?


You can improve your sustainability by reducing product damage with the right void fill and using sustainable packaging materials.


Are you shipping cartons with empty space?


Without filling empty space in your cartons with void fill materials, your product integrity can be compromised from shifting or toppling over during shipping, leaving your products vulnerable to damage.


You can fill empty space in your cartons with air cushions and paper void fill materials, which allow you to use fewer materials, while keeping your products held in place and decreasing your shipping costs.


The right void fill will help you reduce waste while protecting your bottom line.


Click here to browse our full line of void fill, cushioning, and protective packaging materials.

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Protective Packaging

How protected are your packages?

If you’re struggling to reduce waste, then prioritizing damage reduction will help.


Effectively protecting your products and reducing packaging waste relies on understanding the needs of the products you’re shipping.


Protective packaging can be ideal for heavy and fragile items that would be sensitive to shock during shipping.


Are your products getting damaged from shock and impacts during shipping?


Packaging foam can protect your products from repeated impacts that can lead to product damage.


Are you shipping small, fragile items?


Retention, suspension, and hybrid packaging include shock-absorbing designs that are especially beneficial for electronic products.


We offer a wide range of protective packaging materials to fit all of your packaging needs.

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Corrugated Material

Are you using the right container for your product?

80.1 million tons of packaging every year ends up in a landfill.


Are your cartons causing packaging waste?


You can combat packaging waste and protect your bottom line by using sustainable packaging materials and investing in outer cartons that are fit for the product you’re shipping.


Right-sized packaging will reduce empty space in your cartons, help to keep your products protected, lower DIM weight, and reduce your overall shipping costs.


Our corrugated materials can help you maintain product integrity and reduce the need to re-ship items.


Struggling to package irregular items?


We offer long cartons, tall boxes, and telescoping boxes, that are ideal for irregularly shaped items, such as golf clubs, rugs, and lamps.


Are you protecting your high-value items?


Our heavy duty boxes, super shippers, and bulk cargo containers, are beneficial for keeping your large, heavy, high-value items protected during shipping.


Click here to browse our full line of corrugated materials.

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Reducing Returns

Are you struggling to reduce returns?


Each year, consumers return 15% to 30% of goods purchased online.


You can decrease product returns by prioritizing damage reduction through every step of your packaging process.


Products can be returned for a variety of reasons, but one of the largest reasons is product damage from inadequate packaging.


Are you using the right protective materials for your products?


Are the corners of your boxes protected?


Are your tapes providing secure adhesion?


Reducing returns will help you reduce your packaging waste and avoid the high cost of replacing a damaged product.


If you’re struggling to tackle shipping costs and reduce waste, we can help.


Our packaging consultants offer customized, cost-effective solutions, to help you innovate your packaging business.

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