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Water Activated Tape

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Excellent tensile strength and optimum security for a range of hand-applied corrugate packaging applications.

WP Series reinforced paper tape contains a starch based water activated adhesive that provides an instant, aggressive bond to most corrugated surfaces. Fiberglass reinforcing filaments provide excellent tensile strength and optimum securty for a range of packaging applications.

With 5 products to choose from, the WP Series has just the right strength for high-value, hand-applied, special-care manufacturing processes.

  • Range of adhesive strengths for light duty carton sealing to heavy duty sealing for large, bulky or heavy content cartons.
  • Starch based water activated adhesive provides an instant, aggressive bond to most corrugate.
  • Available with custom print message for delivery of goods without pilferage.
  • Paper and adhesive are 100% biodegradable.
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