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Our premium HP Carton Sealing Tape is now directly printable. Your product speaks for itself. Don’t let an unreliable tape distort its message. When a client receives a product from you, its packaging says a great deal about what’s waiting inside. Why let a poorly constructed tape get in the way of making a great first impression? With our Surface Printable HP Series, you can rest assured that all text and graphics will come through loud and clear – from hot off the printer to final delivery. From its rapid dry time to its ability to run at full line speeds, the Printable HP Series is designed with efficiency in mind.

This series also offers the highest level of shear strength available, so you know that the contents will arrive safely and securely. With the clearest prints and the strongest holds, place the strength of your brand and the quality of your product in our hands. Insist that your printer converter uses only Surface Printable HP.

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