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Stucco Masking Tape PE 444

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Industrial poly-film tape for demanding indoor/outdoor applications. Shurtape’s PE 444 poly-film tape is the solution for indoor and outdoor stucco and masking applications – no matter how demanding. Only Shurtape offer a film tape with ultra-violet (UV) inhibitors to protect your project from the sun’s damaging rays. And thanks to its special synthetic high-tack adhesive, PE 444 provides a watertight seal even in the most severe environments and weather conditions.

Despite its high tack, PE 444 removes cleanly with no residue. The quick clean up will help you cut back on man-hours and costly cleaning materials. Its easy unwind and conformability make it ideal for general purpose uses. And it’s designed to work on non-painted surfaces such as wood, vinyl, metal tile and other
synthetic surface.

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