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Steel Strapping

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Steel strapping

Steel strapping is used extensively for reinforcing shipments and for unitizing and bundling materials to permit more efficient handling. There are two basic types of steel strapping: Regular Duty and High Tensile. Each type offers specific advantages depending on your application. Your ACME representative is a skilled packaging professional who can help you select the strapping and equipment, which will provide the best results at the lowest cost.

Regular Duty

Regular Duty steel strapping is manufactured from cold rolled steel under -rigid control. Precise uniformity in width, gauge control and finish ensures trouble free operation with both manual and pneumatic tools.

High Tensile

High Tensile strapping is manufactured from cold rolled steel and heat-treated to provide high tensile strength and ductility. High tensile strength affords extra protection and shock resistance under demanding strapping conditions.


Standard finish is painted and waxed.

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