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Shurwrap Protective Film PF 220

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PF 220 is a Shurtape product designed to protect uninstalled HVAC equipment and galvanized steel ductwork from contaminants, such as dirt, dust, moisture and insects. PF 220 is formulated to achieve superior clean removability. In addition to not leaving residue, Shuretape Protective Film is engineered with increased elongation which reduces the amount of product used for a single application. Other features include protection of ductwork when it’s being stored, transported or used in “cleanrooms,” where contamination would be unacceptable.

  • Protects
    • PF 220 ensures protection of ducts against contaminants, debris, and contamination occurring from dust, moisture, dirt and insects.
  • Holds strong, but easily removed
    • Maintains a strong seal during storage, installation and transport, yet is easily removed without leaving residue.
  • Weather resistant
    • Designed for extended UV exposure with the added benefit of a cold-weather adhesive.
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