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ShurRELEASE CP 20 Painter’s Tape

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CP 20 is the ideal solution for a variety of surfaces.

8-Day ShurRELEASE removes cleanly from painted wood, glass, painted sheetrock and metals for up to 8 days. This premium grade tape offers UV resistance, flex- ibility and conformability.

CP 20 has high shear values for securing drop cloths and a consistent surface contact for secure holding power. With a rubber-based adhesive, CP 20 offers a Med-High adhesion capability. This is the masking tape to use on painting proj- ects – home and commercial.

  • Increased Tack – Sticks and stays affixed to surfaces without lifting or flagging.
  • Residue Free – Removes cleanly from cured painted surfaces, glass, wood and metal for up to 8 days.
  • UV Resistant – Crepe paper offers UV Resistant for up to 14 days.
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