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SA11-D6 / SA11-D10 SEALERS

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  • Hardened tool steel parts for long wear
  • Double up-notch seal for high joint efficiency
  • Compatible with feed wheel type tensioners
  • Easy replacement of wearing parts
  • Ideal for regular shaped packages
  • Available for 3/4”and11/4” strapping
  • Samuel quality built into every unit


Samuel SA11 sealers have been designed for a broad range of common strapping applications. These sturdy sealers are built with hardened tool steel, to provide you with a lifetime of reliable use under demanding conditions. The SA11 is available in two models which can handle standard and high tensile strapping in gauges of 3/4” and 11/4”. Used in combination with a standard feedwheel type tensioner, the SA Series sealer is designed to crimp an open flange seal in a double up-notch configuration.

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