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RG400 Filament Tape

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rg400 filament tape

RG400 is designed for applications where the highest performance of 100# of tensile is needed. Although there are other 100# products on the market, RG400 is constructed for the distinctive product application requirement where a higher performing product is needed.

This filament tape boasts the highest level of adhesion for this level of tensile strength currently produced in the market. If aesthetics are important, RG400 offers contact clear “lanes” between evenly spaced and straight filaments for easy read through of graphics.

Product Features

  • Excellent adhession properties
  • Hand breakable construction… no application equipment or knives required
  • Readable graphics through contact clear construction
  • Excellent delamitation resistance for ease of use when having to stop, break and restart a roll


Product Applications

  • Excellent for strapping and palletizing
  • Load stabilization
  • Temporary encasement


Brochures & Resources:

IPG Tape - Filiment Tape RG400 Flyer
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