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Premium Grade Duct Tape

Shurtape’s PC 858CA delivers first class performance under the toughest conditions. Specifically formulated with butyl natural rubber adhesive for Class I flex duct applications in California, UL 181B-FX Listed PC 858CA gives you excellent performance in the installation of flex duct connections. It is made exclusively to meet state & city codes throughout California.

PC 858CA features aggressive quick stick plus adheres to polyethylene and stainless steel, PC 858CA meets or exceeds most UL and flex duct manufacturer requirements.

When you need first class performance on Class I flex duct, make PC 858CA your first choice to meet UL 181B-FX requirements.

  • Superior shear adhesion holds a 100-gram load without slipping in a 24 hour evaluation after exposure to 150 ̊F for 60 days
  • No adverse effects after exposure for 60 days up to 212 ̊F
  • Highly resistant to mold growth and humidity
  • High shear resistance



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