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Panta-Pak Separator Trays

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Thermoformed from high strength film, Panta-Pak trays have molded cup shapes designed to hold items in a secure and aesthetic package. These molded trays require no tray set-up like cardboard trays. The plastic tray is durable enough for reuse and return packing. Panta-Pak trays come in a spectrum of colors. Color can be a useful tool for coding parts in industrial applications.


  • Individual compartments keep items apart
  • Manufactured from high strength plastic
  • Multiple cavities per tray
  • Variety of film colors – Green, Red, Black, etc.
  • Tray colors can compliment operational efficiency Reusable plastic tray, in some applications


  • Finished or treated products don’t touch
  • Interior surface of cavities smoother than other materials
  • Holds products in place during production and/or shipping
  • Cost savings from multiple uses.


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