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The P356 is a heavy duty pneumatic plastic strapping tool designed for use in demanding environments. This rugged tool is ideal for strapping heavy packages under high tension, and is ideal for use in the lumber and metal products sectors. With the ability to handle strapping with gauges up to .053″ (1.35mm) and its high tension capabilities, the P356 can extract the best performance from heavy duty polyester strapping in demanding applications.


  • Easy StrapThreading
  • High Tension Capabilities for Heavy Loads
  • Rugged Design for Demanding Environments
  • Adjustable Sealing Time for Maiximum Seal Joint Efficiency
  • Suitable for Plain or Embossed Polyester Strapping
  • Adjusts Easily to Accommodate Specific Strap Gauges
  • Individual Tension Adjustment, Avoiding Excessive or Insufficient Strap Tension



  • Easy strap threading-both straps are inserted into the tool together.
  • Sealing time, strap tension as well as strap thickness are adjustable, which guarantees a high sealing efficiency.
  • Very quiet operation at approximately 79dB.


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