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Samuel Strapping Systems is proud to introduce the P327 hand held battery operated tool. This robust tool provides unparalleled performance with tension ratings not previously attainable. Coupled with exceptional industry leading speed the P327 is the perfect hand held tool to apply our and 3⁄4” plastic strapping. With the latest Lithium ion battery technology you can expect your tool to last longer in the field and recharge in a fraction of the time compared to traditional battery operated tools.


  • All new lithium ion battery technology featuring user friendly charge indicator
  • New reinforced 18V motor Easy strap threading
  • Adjustable sealing time for highsealingef ciency
  • Suitable for polypropylene polyester, plain and embossed strapping
  • Up to 450 strap cycles per battery load
  • Easy tension adjustment, to ensure the right strap tension for safe operation
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