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Duct Tape AC49

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IPG’s AC49 is a high strength, premium quality METALIZED polyethylene coated cloth tape. A versatile, high preforming product, AC49 applies easily, will not curl when unwound and conforms well to irregular surfaces- providing superior performance and durability over a wide range of conditions.


  • Designed to provide the surface of a foil tape and the east application of a cloth duct tape
  • Perfect for challenging surfaces, seaming, protecting, and repair applications
  • Works well for vapor sealing, sheet metal duct work and general purpose heavy duty service



  • Metalized coating helps protect tapes from UV and blends well where bright finished duct work is left exposed
  • Seals flexible duct systems, adheres well to fiberglass insulation board and holds insulation materials in place
  • Hand tearable and easily applied
  • Excels in high heat and humid conditions
  • Conforms well to corners and irregular surfaces
  • Meets HUD and BOCA codes; tested in accordance with UL723


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