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Industrial Masking Tape

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Our high performance industrial masking tape is ideal for today’s high tech transportation industry. CP 500 performs best in mid-temperature painting applications on cars, trucks, buses, and wet sanding applications.

  • High Adhesion – Adheres quickly and easily to metals, rubber and plastics. Exhibits excellent holding power up to 300 ̊ F
  • Clean Removal – Strips cleanly with no residue or paint flake after baking and extended dwell times. Resists adhesive transfer, preventing costly clean up.
  • Sharp, Flat Paint Lines – Smooth crepe paper tape lifts clean without slivering or adhesive transfer Resists moisture and solvents to minimize bleed-through
  • Easy to Use – Conforms to curves and contours; tears straight and easily; and resists curling off the roll and lifiting once applied
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