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Meet code on every job. Seal it with Shurtape. Sealing ductboard, flex duct or sheet metal? Shortage has a full line of all-weather foil tape, flexible film tape, cloth duct tape, and roll mastics for the HVAC contractor. We work with contractors, building inspectors and code enforcers to ensure our tapes meet UL performance standards. Use our UL-listed tapes and you’ll never worry about meeting code. You’ll get the job done right the first time with our consistent quality – roll after roll.

  • Superior shear adhesion holds a 100-gram load without slipping (24 hour evaluation after exposure to 150 ̊F for 60 days)
  • No adverse effects after exposure for 60 days up to 212 ̊F
  • High resistance to mold growth and humidity
  • UL 181 listed specification printed directly on the tape is easily identified by inspectors

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Shurtape - Duct Tape UL-Listed HVAC
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