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High Strength Filament Tapes

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high strength filament tape

Natural Rubber Adhesives have long been the preferred choice for metal coil tabbing, splicing and other tape applications involving oily metal surfaces—until now. 3M introduces a portfolio of products utilizing a proprietary breakthrough technology: Modified Synthetic Rubber (MSR) Adhesive. The MSR Adhesive formulation is specifically designed to meet the performance you need in critical metal applications.

Strength and Sustainability Without Compromise:

  • Approximately 50% higher adhesion when compared to Natural Rubber (NR) after a dwell time of 2 minutes, with continued performance over longer dwell times
  • Shear strength is equal to or better than natural rubber adhesive
  • MSR uses a solventless adhesive coating process, making it another 3M innovation that builds on our legacy and commitment to cut VOCs and other air emissions
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