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High Performance Masking Tapes

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high performance masking tapes

Engineered for the transportation industry, our residue-free tapes hold up under extreme conditions. Our premium masking tapes offer heat resistance and clean removal in any temperature range. Ideal for use in painting, metal fabrication and powder coating in the transportation and marine industries, our high performance masking tapes can resist a range of temperatures, up to 350 degrees . Even when subject to high temperatures, a cured rubber adhesive system allows clean removal from metal, rubber, plastics and other surfaces. These tapes won’t leave behind adhesive residue, only sharp paint lines.


  • Resists solvents and moisture to minimize paint bleed-through and rework.
  • Compatible with polyurethane paints.
  • Strong crepe paper backing resists tears and slivers.
  • Superior conformability to irregular surfaces.
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