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EZ Unwind Protective Carpet Tape

3M Protective Carpet Tapes 2E93-EZ and 2E95-EZ are easy (EZ) unwind tapes made from a co-extruded multi-polymer backing coated with a high-tack acrylic adhesive to help provide temporary protection for carpet and fabric interiors.

3M EZ Unwind Protective Carpet Tape features:

  • An adhesive formula which makes “easy unwind” possible (Figure 1).
  • Athin,clear polyethylene construction that protects carpet from grimy foot traffic (Figure 2).
  • An acrylic adhesive creating a secure, non-slip bond.
  • A convenient applicator option combined with “easy unwind” allows one person to quickly perform this operation.
  • Custom perforated formats available.


3M protective carpet tape is the simple solution for temporary protection of carpeting in heavily trafficked areas. Depend on this tape when:

  • Wheeling in equipment for construction or repairs (Figure 3).
  • Working with liquids that stain.
  • Generating debris.
  • Tracking in dirt.



3M EZ unwind protective carpet tape has broad application:

• Office buildings.
• Residential buildings.
• Motor vehicles and boats.

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