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Ethafoam MRC & HRC and Stratocell RC

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ethafoam MRC and HRC

Sealed Air has a long history of taking the extra steps to provide packaging solutions that reach the pinnacle of performance and environmental responsibility.Ourlatestadditionto this legacy is our line of Ethafoam® and Stratocell® recycled resin PE foams.

Material Strength

There is minimal difference in the protective qualities and strength of our recycled resin polyethylene foams versus their virgin-resin counterparts. Our recycled foams should be considered for applications where Ethafoam® and Stratocell® PE foams are commonly used.

Getting the Maximum from Our Minimums

When you choose Ethafoam HRC, Ethafoam MRC or Stratocell RC polyethylene foam, the minimum recycled resin content is from 65%–100%, depending on the product.


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