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Engineered with a versatile adhesive system for strength and clean removal. DF 545 is primarily used for carpet installation as well as industrial holding, mounting and splicing. Convention centers routinely recommend our low-residue double sided tapes for trade shows. We created DF 545 with the same clean removal adhesive system and beefed up its tensile strength.

When mold abatement or asbestos remediation calls for a moisture-free, airtight seal, Shurtape DF 545 is the perfect solution. It adheres to irregular surfaces, seals solidly and removes cleanly.


  • Blended natural and synthetic rubber provides superior adhesion to concrete, tile, hardwood flooring and other irregular surfaces.
  • Special poly laminate and high tensile cloth promotes clean removability.
  • Premium grade, silicone coated blue polyethylene release liner ensures easy removability from the adhesive backing.
  • Strength, flexibility and clean removal — setting the standard for demanding construction, convention and abatement  applications.
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