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Double-Coated Tapes

At Shortage, we know that the best tape for the job is the one designed for your specific application needs. We’ve engineered our double-coated tapes to meet the exact demands of your project or application with permanent and removable adhesive systems, making them perfect for mounting, laminating, splicing or bonding. These tapes can be used with a variety of substrates, including paper, metal, film, plastic, foam, non-wovens, wood, leather, glass, textiles and golf grips.

Our industrial strength double-coated cloth tapes are ideal for holding carpet and padding at convention centers, arenas and hotels. These premium tapes easily conform to irregular surfaces, and adhere to a variety of substrates including concrete, tile and hardwood flooring. Shurtape’s double-coated tapes have been rigorously tested to ensure that they each deliver the adhesion, strength, durability and versatility needed for your specific application, making your job look as professional as you are.

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