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cushion lite poly

Superior, versatile packing protection for most surfaces – without excess weight. CUSHION-LITE foam is an easy-to- wrap material that protects and gently cushions. Its light-weight, closed-cell structure provides a unique “bounce-back memory” that absorbs impacts, prevents bottoming out and resists scratches.


  • Flexible and easy to use. Use non-abrasive foam for wrapping or interleaving.
  • Tear resistant. Protects products with sharp edges.
  • Cushioning. Cushion-Lite foam has bounce-back memory to withstand shock and vibration during the shipping cycle.
  • Recyclable. Cushion-Lite can be reused and is recyclable.



  • Interleaving – Use for stacking items that are boxed or placed on skids.


  • Wrapping – Use to wrap sharp edges, corners, or wrap the entire product for optimal protection. It conforms to unusual or irregular shapes.


  • Surface Protection – Use to protect finished, polished, or painted surfaces from damage.


  • Cushioning – Use to absorb shock and reduce the effects of external impacts and vibrations in shipping cycle.

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