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Cushion Air Cellular Plastic Cushioning Material

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FP International’s polyethylene cushion air cellular plastic cushioning material is durable, flexible and provides exceptional protection during shipping. Available in a variety of sizes that meet every need, Cushion-Air bubble offers a cost effective alternative to most any interior packaging application.

Benefits of Cushion Air Cellular Plastic Cushioning Material

  • Interleaving. Cushion-Air 3/16″ bubble works well for putting between layers to protect a products surface.
  • Fill the void. Cushion-Air bubble comes in different bubble heights to fill small and large voids and prevent products from moving in a box to eliminate breakage.
  • Wrap it up. Cushion-Air bubble comes in a variety of sizes so you can wrap small to large packages to protect them from damage.
  • Cushions. Protects items from shock and vibration.
  • Easy to identify. Cushion-Air bubble is transparent to allow easy identification.
  • Save shipping costs. Cushion-Air bubble is lightweight.
  • Strong. Cushion-Air bubble is puncture and tear resistant.
  • Reusable and Recyclable. Cushion-Air bubble can be reused and recycled .

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