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Concrete Maintenance and Repair DP-600

3M Concrete Repair DP-600 is a self-leveling, gray, rapid setting, two-component polyurethane. It is packaged as 1:1 ratio liquids in a duo-pak 12 oz. cartridge. With the squeeze of a trigger, the components are automatically mixed and easily dispensed as a bubble-free self-leveling liquid.

Application Ideas

  • Repair of cracks or spalls on floors or horizontal surfaces.
  • Anchoring and mounting. Setting anchors in floors or horizontal surfaces.
  • Control joints filling.
  • Anchoring bolts to stabilize large equipment and repairs.
  • Securing railings or posts in concrete, wood or other substrates.


  • Easy to use and convenient system. With the squeeze of a trigger, the self-leveling formulation flows smoothly into cleaned cracks and gaps.
  • Hardens in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Concrete area can be put into use immediately.
  • Reduce down-time for maintenance
  • Hardens without cracking or shrinking.
  • 3M urethance technology hardens to any depth.
  • Flexible enough to resist expansion and contraction.



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