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Cold Temperature Carton Sealing Tape

HP 232 hot melt polypropylene carton sealing tape is specially designed for use in cold temperature applications such as food processing, frozen food packaging, cold weather moving and storage, and unheated warehousing. Our carton sealing tape can be applied in temperatures as low as 20 ̊F and can easily withstand service temperatures down to -20 ̊F. The strong holding power of HP 232 ensures your products remain securely intact after being packaged even in the most extreme cold temperatures.


  • Superior carton sealing performance in cold temperature environments
  • Higher shear strength than acrylic tapes for reliable carton closure
  • High tack, aggressive adhesive for better initial bond
  • Hot melt holding performance with wider application and service temperature ranges
  • Synthetic rubber/resin hot melt adhesive – 30 micron cast BOPP
  • 1.9 mil Production Grade

Cold Temperature Carton Sealing Tape for automated and manual packaging applications in cold environments including produce packaging, meat and poultry processing, dairy facilities, cold weather moving and storage, and storage in unheated warehouses.


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