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Closure Tapes

E-commerce has caused the mail order business to explode. Many companies require fast, simple, and reliable packaging solutions. With tesa self-adhesive tapes, tamper-proof closure is an additional bonus. Like test Reinforcement and Tear Tapes, tesa Closure Tapes can be applied both in-line and off-line.

Advantages for the User

  •  Convenient finger-lift for easy liner removal I Immediate initial adhesion on cardboard
  •  Fast and secure closure
  •  Secure closure of box during transport

Advantages for the Manufacturer

  •  Long-length cross-wound spools applied directly in-line I Reliable dispensing
  •  Continuous application
  •  Efficient high-speed application
  •  Reliable splicing for non-stop application

tesa Combi-tape serves two important functions in one unique tape product: closing and opening of cardboard boxes.

tesa Combi-tape Advantages:

  • Can be applied by any existing spool dispenser, e.g. in the folder gluer or in-line during the corrugating process
  • Improves efficiency: only one application head needed to apply this “2-in-1” tape
  • Finger-lift for easy liner removal
  • Secure closure: offers excellent performance against mechanical stress, humidity, and temperature variations
  • Secure opening: thanks to the integrated tear tape, the end user can open the box without the use of knives or other tools, ensuring that contents are not damaged during the opening process

Application Expertise

Every tesa corrugated solution comes packaged with the support of our application engineers and customer service staff. This arsenal of support is equipped to help you test your boxes, modify existing equipment, or install new applicators. Our close cooperation with leading machine manufacturers enables us to offer fully-integrated systems that work seamlessly together.

“In-line” Application

  • Application of tesa® tape “in-line” during board production in the dry-end of the corrugating line
  • A highly efficient process
  • High-speed application
  • No downtime during set-up or roll change
  • Application of tape only “across the fluting” and on inner liner

“Off-line” Application

  • Customized off-line applicators can be installed in your folder gluer or other off-line machinery
  • A highly flexible process
  • Application of tape across or along fluting
  • Application of tape on inner or outer liner


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