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When it comes to joining, sealing or patching Class 1 Flex Duct, the tape you use is required to meet strict code requirements. We’ve cracked the code for HVAC professionals with our DC 181 Class 1 Flex Duct tape, ensuring it is UL 181B-FX Listed. Available in black or metalized silver printed OPP film, DC 181 allows you to seamlessly match your work to flex duct.

With the superior holding power and cold temperature performance of an acrylic adhesive and the excellent conformability of a film tape; DC 181 adheres to a non-rigid surface without delaminating, even in cold temperatures. Our tape does the work, and you get the credit.


  • UL 181B-FX Listed
  • Tested in accordance with UL 723
  • Green Point contributor product
  • Superior stability during extreme fluctuations in temperatures
  • Adhesive and film characteristics enable the user to reposition tape during initial application stage
  • Double the length of standard duct sealing tape with 120 yard rolls

Tensile strength 30 lbs/in width

Adhesion to stainless steel 44 oz/in width

Thickness 2.7 mils

Elongation 125 %

Application Temperature range -10 ̊ F to 210 ̊ F


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