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Cellu-Cushion EXP 100 foam

This durable, lightweight foam expansion joint filler is the efficient solution for your concrete placement and repair needs!

Value Added! – Time-saving tear-off strip allows for quick and correct depth when using sealant.

Versatile! – Stiff enough to use on straight joints, yet flexible enough to shape to contours.

Product of Choice! – Easier to apply than traditional expansion joint fillers. Just ask Mike Holmes, of Holmes on HomesTM on the Discovery Home ChannelTM and HGTV Canada!

Cellu-Cushion EXP 100 Foam Expansion Joint Filler Is:

  • Resilient – Minimal thickness loss concrete slabs.
  • Flexible – Easy to use in curved concrete pours and does not break or crack.
  • No Water Absorption – Closed cell polyethylene foam absorbs little or no moisture.
  • Easy-to-Cut – Cut quickly and to exact length using a standard utility knife.
  • Lightweight – Approximately 10 times lighter than traditional expansion joint products.
  • Ease-of-Use – Easy to handle and use due to its light weight and flexibility.
  • Industry Accepted – Accepted and in use by both commercial and residential contractors.
  • Fast and Economical – Removable tear-off strip allows proper depth for sealant, saving labor and sealant cost.
  • Reusable Tear-Off Strip – The removed strip can be re-used as a backer rod or filler.
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