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Cellu-Cushion Excell

Cellu-Cushion Excell expandable polyethylene foam is a closed cell foam that conforms around an object to provide soft cushioning support. Cellu-Cushion Excell foam has a proprietary die-cut design that allows the material to expand and lock to twice its original width.

Addition by Subtraction

Cellu-Cushion Excell foam reduces or eliminates many of the inconveniences typical of fabricated flexible foams:

  • Reduce Freight Cost -Material ships unexpanded, requiring less space
  • Reduce Warehousing – Material is expanded when needed, taking up less warehouse space
  • Recyclable-Sealed Air’s Closed-Loop Recycling program makes it easy to reclaim scrap material as a #4 LDPE

Where It Makes a Difference

Cello-Cushion Excell foam can be used as a cost-efficient option in most flexible foam environments requiring cushioning protection for fragile items such as glassware or electronics. The nature of the material makes it ideal for applications that require water drainage and airflow, such as crate liners for produce.


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