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Bottom Board Tape PC658

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The Bottom line in Bottom Board Tape

Shurtape has developed PC658 Bottom Board tape not only meets, but also exceeds the rigorous demands of the manufactured home industry.

Competitive tapes are harder to tear and have a tendency to wrinkle. PC658 has both excellent tensile strength and industry-leading adhesion, necessary for tough applications such as surface masking in meaning operations where these characteristics are valuable. In addition, PC658 preforms well under extreme temperature conditions and offers premium thickness for heavy duty performance. And it still makes the best bottom board seals in the industry.

  • Seams and Seals –

    Seaming and sealing bottom board materials used in the mobile/manufactured housing industry.

  • Repairs –

    Repairs holes in bottom board left by plumbers, electricians, ect. during setup and construction.

  • Protects –

    Protection of metal parts or surfaces in metal/plastic meaning operations

  • High Adhesion –

    Perfect for tough applications requiring excellent tensile, extremely high adhesion, and thickness.


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Shurtape - Bottom Board Tape PC658
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