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Advantage Ultimate Stretch Film

AEP proudly presents Advantage Ultimate Stretch Film- the newest in the Advantage Film Series. For the ultimate in load retention, one-sided cling, puncture resistance, clarity and optics, specify Advantage Ultimate. Because all loads are not created equal.

Improved Force to Load

Means better load containment to assure safe arrival, greater security and load protection.

Exceptional Puncture Resistance

Extra tough, allowing for the wrapping of irregular loads at high pre-stretch levels.

One Sided Cling

Ensures that pallets will not stick to each other, which assists in easier handling

Improved Unwiped Cling

Provides for the elimination of tailing, ensuring optimum pallet security, with quiet unwind.

Ultimate Elongation (ESR)

Pre-stretch levels of up to 300%, provides for maximum film utilization, and assures the lowest per pallet cost.

Exceptional Clarity

Promotes a more professional package image and enhances bar code identification.

Environmental Source Reduction (ESR)

A high performance film that helps reduce the amount of material that enters the solid waste stream, conserving resources.

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