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A335 Strapping tensioning system

A335 Strapping Tool

The A335 is an ideal tool for a wide range of vertical and horizontal strapping applications in all industrial sectors. The special tensioning system prevents even minor tension loss, making it ideal for products requiring high tension and seal strength.The advanced sealing technology and the individual tool adjustment for specific strap thickness on the A335 provides better joint efficiency than tools using a separate seal. If strap tension is lost during storage or shipment the joint will not unlock.


  • High seal joint efficiency of 80% with the patented sealless joint technology
  • Suitable for regular duty and high tensile steel strapping
  • Can handle steel strapping up to a thickness of 0.58mm / .023”
  • No loss of strap tension with the wheeling tensioning system
  • Sealing mechanism is completely closed, preventing damage from dust and debris
  • Cutting and sealing depths can be easily controlled with built in adjustment screws
  • Wearing parts such as the feed wheel, die and cutter are easy to replace with common tools


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