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371 Box Sealing Tape

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371 box sealing tape

371 Box Sealing Tape is known for delivering quality to keep your line moving and ensure your packages are sealed on arrival.

  • Quality tape that can wrap 3.5 times around the world before a defect is found*
  • Less interruption in production
  • Substantial savings in rejected shipments

371 Box Sealing Tape is also known for delivering service and support to help you select the right box sealing tape for your specific application.

  • Certified ISTA Packaging Lab provides product consultation and testing
  • On-site consultation by experienced 3M Engineers and Sales Specialists

371 Box Sealing Tape helps to deliver sustainability by taking care of our environment now and for the future.

  • Reduced energy consumption by 28% since 2000 (per
    net output)*
  • Reduced manufacturing landfill waste 60% between 2004
    and 2007*


* Based on current US plant data.

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