Wexxar Bel 150


Wexxar Bel150X

The Bel 150X is an oversized, uniform, pressure sensitive, semi-automatic case taper. The Bel 150X oversized model has all the quality features of the Bel 150 pressure sensitive case taper with the added bonus of a larger frame and drive system for large case capacity.


The Bel 150X semi-automatic uniform case taper is user-friendly enabling the operator to make box size changes from either side of the machine in 30 seconds or less.

Bel 150X Pressure Sensitive Case Taper Features & Specs:

  • Speed: 30 cases per minute (CPM)
  • Quick case size changes
  • Uni-Drive case transport system
  • DEKKA High Performance tape heads
  • Modular design allows for a customized BEL system delivered to you at an off-the-shelf lead time and price



  • Adjustable box stand
  • A-42 Rotary Accumulation Turntable
  • Total Lock Caster Wheels with Extension Adjustment
  • Roller Conveyor for Infeed & Outfeed
  • Flexible Conveyor
  • Spare Parts Kits for Machine Maintenance
  • S-10 Packing Conveyor with Programmable Weigh Scale
  • ErgoLevel Packing Height Adjustment Option



  • 1″ Heavy Duty Acme Screws
  • Motor and Gear Reducer
  • C Channel Aluminum Frame
  • Dekka Tape Head
  • Magnetic Motor Starter
  • Uni-Drive


BEL products are ideal for packaging lines that do not warrant full automation because of specific requirements like:


  • Frequent case size changes
  • Many different case sizes and pack configurations
  • Limited floor space
  • Manual inspection of the products
  • Limited technical staff
  • The high price of automated case packers and erectors
  • Low volume