OPTI 200


OPTI 200 Shrink Film

High Performance Superior Optics Stronger Seals Easy-To-Use Wrapped Into One.

  • Cross-Linked — Superior strength and integrity compared to thicker, non-cross-linked competitive films; perfect for a wide range of today’s consumer products
  • Outstanding Heat and Scorch Resistance — Made possible by a wider processing window
  • Longer Footage Rolls — Increases productivity; requires fewer roll changeovers
  • High Free Shrink — Very user-friendly and easy-to-use
  • Superior Optics — Provides transparent clarity, gloss and sparkle; enhances product appearance
  • Excellent Machinability — Superior sealability on a wide range of thermal, trim, and electrostatic sealing systems
  • Multiple Markets — Includes toys and games, house- wares and hardware, software, DVDs, office and art supplies, multi-packaged food products