Lantech CS-1000 Case Sealer


Lantech CS-1000

Easy To Operate

  • Linear hand-wheel adjustments with digital indicators
  • Settings easily reproducible
  • No fine tuning required

Safe To Operate

  • Folding area fully guarded
  • Controlled return stroke of the flap folder
  • No scheduled maintenance

Seals Wide Range Of Case

  • All types of flutes
  • Double wall and single wall Most common sizes

Easy To Use

  • Rapid adjustment to a different case size
  • No periodic lubrication necessary
  • Long life drive belts
  • Extremely accurate drives
  • Innovative construction of drive belts simplifies changeovers

Reliable Performance

  • Double preformed slide unit gives stability
  • Extra grip via the horizontal profile on the side belts
  • Solid belt guidance


  • Choice of tape
  • Extra guiding
  • Fixed side justification
  • “Low Tape” detection
  • “Broken tape” and “tape empty” signal
  • Choice of color
  • Signal beacon