IPak’s Model RP-100 fully automatic Returnable Plastic Container erector is designed to form reusable plastic totes used by fresh fruit and vegetable growers, distributors and retailers. Packagers can take advantage of the natural cooling properties of RPCs as well as the economic and sustainable benefits of reusable transport containers. Switching from corrugated trays to more sustainable packaging no longer means sacrificing the economies of automation. The RP-100 machine is designed to securely form RPCs while reducing labor costs and repetitive strain injuries related to forming trays by hand. Reusable transport packaging simultaneously reduces environmental impacts and has the benefit of being washable and reusable, whereas soiled corrugated containers must be discarded and re-ordered. The RP-100 comes standard with a dual Easy-Load infeed magazine that allows 7 stacks of RPC to be primed for production at all times. It will continuously operate at speeds of up to 25 containers per minute and is backed by IPak’s nation-wide service team.

Standard Features

  • Dual – Easy Load Six Stack infeed magazine
  • Positive tray separation hopper
  • Positive “chain plate” tote advance
  • Corrosion resistant construction
  • Integrated safety guarding
  • Two E-stop push button stations
  • Remote demand sensor
  • UL listed NEMA 12 control panel and enclosure
  • Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 PLC
  • Omron NS8 Color Touchscreen HMI
  • Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 inverter
  • Operator’s Manual


Method of Operation

Stacks of 20 to 30 knocked-down RPC totes are loaded onto the RP-100 from either side or from the ends onto the magazine. The tote stacks are advanced by the motor driven conveyor chain plate to the dual centering side push- ers. Once the stack is centered they are pushed into the hopper section where one tray at a time is bottom picked pneumatically. The RPC is advanced where the end and side walls are erected and pneumatic pushers secure the locking tabs. The erected tote is then discharged from the machine.