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Product Spotlight: 311 Box Sealing Tape

Dependability for Food and Beverage, Electronics, e-Fulfillment, Pharmaceuticals and More

Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 311+ is a high-performance industrial packaging tape for box sealing, splicing, recouperage, and other demanding packaging applications. This tape offers excellent performance over broad temperature ranges, specifically in colder and damper applications, and adheres to recycled fiberboard.

  • Adheres to a variety of surfaces, including on corrugated boxes with over 70% recycled content.
  • Can be applied at freezer and refrigeration temperatures of 20°F to 50°F (-6.6°C to 10°C).
  • Once applied, performs well on fiberboard boxes subjected to temperatures below 32°F (0°C).
  • Quick, easy application by hand, manual dispensers or 3M-MaticTM Case Sealers.

Scotch® Box Sealing Tape 311+ has excellent performance in damp and cold shipping and storage environments — even in below-freezing temperatures.


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