Pick Your Label Style- Duplex or Triplex

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, labels have been continually reconfigured to work with the latest technology. What was once impossible is now physically and economically feasible to apply multiple labels stacked directly on top of each other and then applied to a variety of shipping formats (boxes and bags).

These stacked labels are called either duplex labels which includes an address label and a packing list or triplex labels which include everything the duplex contains along with a return label or possibly a coupon if the end-user purchases additional items. Either style provides the organization’s operator or end-user to easily peel back each label to review the attached information.

As the southeast’s premier packaging distributor, Piedmont National Corporation is the perfect partner to assist you with finding which label style and appropriate labeler suits your needs We have successfully partnered with our customers from various industries using a consultative approach that provides the best solution for the application.

As a result of this philosophy and a positive industry reputation, we have a cache of top tier packaging and equipment suppliers that we can utilize to provide you the best products and service for your organization while be mindful of your bottom line

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